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National Thrift Shop Day

Posted By: Best Brains Aug-16, 2017 Activities Best BrainsSocial Awareness - Best Brains


Thrift Shop Day is here... So are you guys ready to have a fun holiday with some great bargain shopping? Yes? Well, August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day and is observed on this day all across the United States.

A thrift shop is also known as a thrift store, hospice shop, charity shop, or resale shop; which is a retail establishment typically run by a charitable organization to raise funds to be used in accord with the organization’s stated charitable purpose. Thrift shops are a type of social enterprise that usually sell used goods that are donated by members of the public and are often staffed by volunteers. However, the donation of the items being sold allows for a lower cost to the buyers.

To save some money in our shopping; is what we all have on our minds; everyone should show some sort of interest to shop on this day, and more to it; to support the good cause behind it.

Shopping at thrift stores is becoming more and more popular these days and you see good deals from clothing to furniture, household goods are great finds among the other hidden reserves within the walls of thrift shops across the country. To some, shopping at a thrift store isn’t even about the price, because that's just a bonus... but as an alternative, it’s about the adventure of finding some vintage and antique items.

How To Observe

If you have good vision to enjoy this day....then include sifting through dusty, old things to find great treasures. Here are just some of the ways that you can celebrate this Thrift Shop Day:

  • Search or visit your local thrift stores and spend some time browsing through their goods. Who knows, you might end up bringing home some great priceless works of art.
  • Host a thrift shop party at your home; decorate it like a venue or like a thrift store with things you find at a secondhand shop.
  • Ask your peers or guest to wear clothes from a thrift store and exchange items you found in a consignment shop.

Have a great time shopping!!!

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Relaxation Day – A Fun Holiday

Posted By: Best Brains Aug-14, 2017 General Knowledge - BBSocial Awareness - Best BrainsEnvironment

August 15th, is a day to take a day off from your daily routine and relax with your family. Just put your feet up and relax because it is Relaxation Day. However, the origin of this fun holiday is not known, though it is an idea that the holiday began as National Slacker Day in Britain.

In a hustle and bustle of their daily lives, most people often forget to slow down and take some time for themselves and their family. Though this creates stress and other stress-related health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems, people are not keen to take at least a small break for themselves.

Take a Break

Relax... and do whatever that you feel like doing on this day and what relaxes you more, even if it is for a short while.

  • Take a bath or go for a swim.
  • Stretch or meditate.
  • Utilize this day to do a digital detox. Stay away from the computer, put away your phone and stay away from all social media interactions. This will help you feel the stress melt away.
  • Go to a spa for a day full of pampering and have some me time. You can also gift Spa appointments for your parents as well.
  • Go for a leisurely walk in a park or through a garden, stop and smell the roses, walk barefoot on the grass or have a small picnic by yourself.
  • Read a book or a magazine while nature-watching; or go for a good drive with your peers.
  • Spend time with your family, friends and pets.
  • Learn a new skill like knitting or playing golf and continue it in your leisure's.

Take a Deep Breath

Relaxation Day is a reminder for all us that sometimes it is okay to take a deep breath, slow down and take it simple - not only does relaxation make us feel better about yourself, but it can also have long-term health benefits too.

Did You Know...

...that in physics and chemistry, relaxation is a perception which refers to the movement of a system or a procedure from a state of disorder or disturbance to equilibrium?

Happy National Relaxation Day!!!

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National Picnic Month

Posted By: Best Brains Aug-11, 2017 Study Tips - BBActivities Best Brains


This is the month to have great time with your family, friends, or anyone you like to go out and have a great picnic. While the local parks have finally come out from under the pall of cloud gray skies, and picnics can start in earnest.Select what you want to make or take with you... here are some of people's favorites; like fried chicken and sausage rolls, fresh fruit, cookies, chocolates,lemonade; and many more can be added to your list, while these are some of the keys to having agreat meal outdoors.

National Picnic Monthencourages you to get out of your houseand celebrate the warm summer days and find your love and surprise of the outdoors againwhile enjoying some great food.

History of Picnic Month

There has always been something special about leaving the stuffy confines of your home and eating your favorite things outdoors. Going out with family makes us happy and refreshed feeling and there’s abeautiful world out there waiting for us,and whenever summer comes around then we will come to know how much time we’ve been locked inside or being eager to come in from the cold.

However the word ‘picnic’ is thought to have first been used by Tony Willis a famous boxer in 1692, and from that point of time everyone forwarded from the working class to the upperhave been mesmerized with taking their meal outside under the sky.


Picnics have been used for many things throughout the centuries, and from a simply family meeting spent enjoying the outside, to being used as a quiet protest in the Pan-European Picnic.

Did you know?

That the most prominent, and largest picnic ever held spanned 600 miles, crossing France from coast to coast and renowned the millennium’s first Bastille Day in 2000.

Though we celebrate National Picnic Month this month, there is no specific day to celebrate your special day.  We should have such days to celebrate the history of this activity and the way it has been used to bring families, countries and all humanity collectively.

How to celebrate Picnic Month

Picnic month is remarkably easy to celebrate. You just need to have a great place to go outside into the world and enjoy all the wonderful sights and smells it has to offer us. Get your family and friends to gather there and bring your favorite foods that can be eaten cold for a traditional picnic, or take a small grill and cookthe warm yummy food on the spot!

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National S'mores Day

Posted By: Best Brains Aug-10, 2017 Activities Best BrainsSocial Awareness - Best BrainsReading Skills


Here is the day to enjoy the most popular campfire treat which hits every year on August 10th during National S’mores Day. This delicious and gooey treat day is loved by many across the United States.

Did you know that S’mores consist of a roasted marshmallow with a layer of a chocolate bar that is sandwiched between two pieces of graham crackers?


The s’more is the contraction of the phrase “some more”, which is not unusual allowing for how tasty they are. While the origin of this tasty bite is credited to a famous entrepreneur, Alec Barnum. However, the first recorded version of this recipe can be found in the 1927 publication of Tramping and Trail with the Girl Scouts. Even though the Girl Scouts were not the first ones to make s’mores, they describe them in their reports as early as 1925.  However, the earlier recipes used the name “Some Mores”. Being somewhat an unclear name, it was then shortened to S’mores.

S’mores Day was created several years ago to party this gooey delight and is sponsored by the National Confectioners Association.

While today we see many variations on the original s’more, you can try spreading peanut butter on the graham crackers and then add other ingredients you wish to. Alternate peanut butter cups in place of the chocolate bar, you can also replace the graham crackers with fudge-dipped cookies.


How to observe?

What better way is there to celebrate S’mores Day than enjoying this sweet treat? As always, it is the best to make your own snack or dessert, and S’mores are incredibly simple to make. Of course, it is traditional to make them around a campfire in the woods sitting with your family or friends while sharing some ghost stories, like the treat’s creators did almost 100 years ago. If you’re not going to be camping anytime soon, then there’s no other way for you to make some s’mores other than in the comfort of your own home.

Search for some different recipes online, or you give your personal touch and invent a new delicious dessert and share it with your family and friends on this special day.


Happy S'mores day!!!!!

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National Eye Exam Month

Posted By: Best Brains Aug-09, 2017 General Knowledge - BBSocial Awareness - Best BrainsReading Skills


Did you know that August is National Eye Exam month, and this is the perfect time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam?

The Vision Council of America noted that approximately 12.8 million Americans need some sort of vision correction but don’t use any. Unfortunately, nearly more than fifty percent of parents with children under 12 have never taken their children to an eye care professional.

Below are some reasons for every parent to know why they should take their kids to an eye examination:

To Save From A Headache

If you have been having unexplained, regular headaches, you should inform your parents immediately and the best solution could be visiting your optometrist. An eye care specialist can pinpoint the exact problem of your headaches.


To Perform Well In School

One out of every five children has vision problems, while the common reason why children fall behind in school is poor, or unnoticed vision. Parents should take their children to an eye care expertto detect the eyesight problem that can contribute to learning and reading difficulties. As kids, if you have such problems then make sure you inform your parents right away.

Determine Prescription

Your eyes change over time, so an expert can determine if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, or if you need a stronger instruction to reduce eyestrain and help you see better.

Detect Eye Conditions

Seeing aneye expert for at least once every six months should be mandatory for everyone, as theycan help us to detect the issues on time. This helps you to know whether one has early onset signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and high cholesterol just by conducting an eye exam.

Prevent Conditions

Did you know that many serious eye diseases often have no symptoms and they need immediate attention? An optometrist will see the early signs of diseases, such as macular degeneration or cataracts and early detection is important to prevent serious damage.


The National Eye Exam Month was founded in the year 1989 by Sears Optical.

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