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Finally!! Smart Prescription Glasses that Adjust to Your Vision Automatically

Apr-09, 2017

Finally!! Smart Prescription Glasses that Adjust to Your Vision Automatically

As we grow old, the crystalline lenses in our eyes begin to harden. In result, the objects that are in close range will start to slowly appear blurry, and this is forcing many middle-aged adults and others who have this issue to either glasses around their necks or have themtucked away in their bags. Those who are already suffering from short-sightedness, or myopia, which is a condition where distant objects appear blurred, are the people who will have to depend on spectacles, or even in worst case they switch between two pairs of eyeglasses. However, we have to thank the researchers of Utah, as they are the ones who "finally found a solution which will self-adjust your glasses".

If we go to the details; the team of makers led by computer and electrical engineering professor Carlos Mastrangelo and the doctoral student NazmulHasan, took an exclusive move towards the discovery and making of eyeglass lenses. Instead of going with glass or plastic, they tried to impersonate the eye lens with glycerin, which is a thick colorless liquid, fixed within the two flexible rubber-like membranes. Following it; they then connected the three mechanical actuators to the rear membrane to help it move back and onwards. These changes helped them to change the curvature of the liquid lens; shifting the focal length, or distance betweenconnecting the lens and the eye. While these lenses are housed inside a unique eyeglass border or(frame) containing electronics, they have a rechargeable battery to control and power the actuators.

However, when a wearer looks at an object, a meter is embedded in the frame’s overpass and it instantly measures the coldness from the eye and transmits the information to the actuators that curve the lenses the appropriate amount. These lenses also change focus from one object to another in less than 14 milliseconds, which means that the wearer can see everything around you without taking off the glasses. Alike to all smart devices, the batteries that operate the actuators need to be charged; they can last up to 24 hours.

What do you need to know before you wear them?

The user who prefers or opts to wear these glasses needs to add his/her eyeglass prescription using a special smart phone app, while the information that is conveyed via a Bluetooth connection will automatically calibrate the lenses. However, if in a rare case you have any change in your prescription, then it can also be easily updated in the same manner, which means that one pair of these eyeglasses could last a lifetime.

However, the researchers, who unveiled the prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show which was held in Las Vegas in January 2017, have realized that these smart glasses are not very marketable in their current burdensome state. Carlos; who has set up Sharpeyes LLC to produce these glasses, expects a lighter and more beautiful version to be available within the upcoming years.